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Team Leaders

Scott Summers

managing vice President

Spent Eleven years in home improvement sales before starting part time with symmetry in 2015.  While earning good money he spent long hours on the road. With two young daughters he knew he wanted to be sure he didn’t miss them growing up. the symmetry system has been instrumental in balancing a career and family.  Scott’s wife Kelly has been a huge contributor  in the agency growth working by his side. He enjoys playing tennis with his girls, vacations,  guitar and living out one of symmetry’s core values “we have fun and get stuff done”

Awards include Symmetry #1 application writer for 2016 Symmetry impact player of the year 2016 & 2018. symmetry financial Symmetry November to remember competition champion 2016

Esther Carlson

Agency director - carlson agency


Teacher with a Master in Special Education and focus in child Psychology, Esther Carlson likes to help people. She was a case manager early in her career & sales agent for multiple nutritional companies. Ms Carlson, is a painter and watercolor artist and proud of her 4 adult children. Her sales experience launched her into her consulting business. She’s owned and operated multiple business and has expanded her skills to help people through consulting and mentoring in emotional education and leadership.

Esther Carlson Symmetry Agency OWNER

Ruth Slingo

agency owner - slingo agency

Ruth Slingo

Well known for her creativity and exceptional ability to make beautiful spaces in the home interior business. ruth brought those talents to symmetry and has flourished as a producer and business owner.
Her leadership and positive spirit is much appreciated on the Symmetry team. She is well known for her passion and ability to help those around her flourish. With a true caring spirt Ruth has frequently went above and beyond helping agents in growing themselves. in 2019 for her determination to lead from the front Symmetry awared ruth the title of Agency Owner

Linda chung

Agency Owner - chung agency

LInda Chung

entrepreneur and respected in her experience with property rights and contract law. Linda came to symmetry seeking time life balance and no cap on her income she feels at home in the culture and climate here at SFG. she gained agency ownership in 2020 with her hard work and focus on building her team. she has a great work ethic and has a love for self improvement. linda is a great asset to our team.

justin elliot

                                                                                                                                                                 Agency Owner – carlson agency 

After graduating from the University of Southern California Justin held several management roles in the fields of technology, real estate and video production.
However, each role never provided the right combination of flexibility, financial reward and a mission of bettering people. When Esther Carlson introduced Symmetry to Justin and his partner Samantha, he felt he had found the perfect place to finally prosper in his career. After being here less than a year Justin has accomplished financial success and begun building his own agency here at Symmetry.

brett diamond

key leader - chung agency

Brett Diamond

Brett was born in Long Island, NY, attended college at Duke UniversityMost of Brett’s career has been in financial services, including asset management, real estate investing, financial advising/planning and various insurance sales opportunities (voluntary benefits, final expense solutions, life insurance planning, etc). In his 20s, Brett did have a stint as a party promoter in Manhattan which he greatly enjoyed. Having started in the insurance industry in 2009, Brett believes that Symmetry is on the leading edge. Brett joined Symmetry based off the recommendations of his closest friends as well as Symmetry’s core values aligning with his personal values such as the value of people coming first and the relentless pursuit of personal growth. On a personal level, Brett loves to be active where he enjoys activities like Yoga, Running and Competitive Sports like Basketball. Brett also loves movies and took that passion to start a Growth Movie Club within the Carlson Agency at Symmetry. Two of his favorite films previewed in the Growth Movie Club are The Last Samurai and Rudy. Brett started with Symmetry in July of 2019 and is currently a Key Leader with his sights set on Agency Ownership!


Agency Owner - freer agency

Elliott was a successful mortgage professional for many years before joining symmetry financial group. Elliott enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife Debbie and two children, Emmie and Eli looking for more time-life balance and an income to support his value, Elliott was a welcomed addition to the Symmetry team. Mr Freer is well know his solid, consistent production. with a steady and soft spoken nature elliott tends to lead by example and has some major accomplishments to show for it. Since joining SFG, Elliott has earned the title of Elite Producer as well as the #1 Rookie of the year award. elliott's main goal was to own his own agency and was granted ownership of his team by symmetry in 2019 for his efforts.


                                                                                                                                                                                    KEY LEADER – freer agency 

Symmetry agent since 2015, he Spent 13 years in long term care insurance before finding Symmetry. "I have never seen a company like this." Steve enjoys helping people protect their families and helping new agents become successful. he has been a huge asset to the summers agency, frequently adding value by coaching and inspiring with his wisdom. steve is originally from ohio he and his wife Barbara have 4 grown children.

lisa bujol

team leader - freer agency

Lisa Bujol

Working in the hospitality industry her whole life, Lisa counts herself as a people person. In her role as a District Trainer, she worked with store managers and their teams in getting them set up for success. Lisa loves gardening and spending time with her children and grandchildren. She makes a mean Gumbo and loves cooking for folks going through trying times. Her passion and love for helping others is what makes her feel right at home with Symmetry. In a short period of time lisa has done very well with her production and has begun building a passive income by finding solid team members.

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